Woman's nude photos exposed online by foreign computer tech


It wasn’t long before Tara learned 16 nude photos had been placed on the Internet on a vulgar website called “bitchtara” that was created solely for the purpose of displaying her pictures. The tech convinced her it was her boyfriend who was responsible for the new website.

The support technician offered to help Tara remove the offensive website and somehow convinced her to ship him a brand new Dell laptop so he could work on her case from his home in Mumbai.

"And I'm telling myself, my conscience is talking to me saying, 'Tara, don't send this. What are you doing? Are you crazy?' I sent it anyways because I really believed in this guy. I really had faith that he was protecting my dignity," said Fitzgerald.

Then, on Valentine’s Day the tech told her he’d fallen in love with a young woman in Tennessee who, too, had called Dell for support.

Tara later discovered he shipped the Tennessee woman a $800 Dell computer and gear to her home in Waynesboro and billed it to Tara’s Dell credit card.

and finally

The incident began over a year ago but Tara has been unable to resolve the matter with Dell. She felt her last resort was to go to media.

Her last resort is to make sure EVERYONE knows about this.